How to Use Your Own Amazon AWS Account for Mailing with Womplify

Womplify uses Amazon SES for mailing activity, which means all the email messages you configure in your Womplify account for sending to your leads, are sent through our Amazon AWS account. However, you can also choose to use your own Amazon AWS account with Womplify so that all your messages are sent through that instead of through the default Womplify account. If you don’t yet have an Amazon AWS account you can create one for free here. Note that Amazon does charge usage fees so you should be aware of those.

To setup Amazon AWS’s SES integration with Womplify, for sending messages through your own AWS account, please follow the instructions below.


For this integration, you will need:

  • Your own Amazon AWS account. You can create one for free here.


AWS Setup for SES

  1. Sign in to your AWS console here

  3. Grab your AWS Account Id from here and email it to [email protected] with a request to authorize your AWS account on our side.
    Only after we have replied to you confirming that this process is complete, can you proceed with the rest of the instructions below

    Note: if you have previously authorized mailing from your Womplify account to this AWS account for a different domain, you do not need to send us the Account Id again as it applies to ALL your domains in the same AWS account. The existing Womplify IAM user also applies to all your domains. The rest of the instructions below from Step 4 still need to be completed for each domain.

  4. Create an IAM user for allowing data to be transmitted between the accounts:
    1. Go to Services > Security, Identity & Compliance > IAM
    2. Click on Users
    3. Click Add user
    4. In the User name field, enter Womplify
    5. In the Access type field, check the box for Programmatic access
    6. Click the Next: Permissions button
    7. On the Set Permissions page, click Attach existing policies directly
    8. In the Search box that appears, type in SES, and then check the box next to AmazonSESFullAccess
    9. Click the Next: Review button
      You should see these details for review: the Womplify User name, Programmatic access – with an access key for Access type, and AmazonSESFullAccess under Permissions.
    10. Click the Create User button
    11. Now copy the Access key ID and Secret access key (you need to click the Show link). You will use those later, inside Womplify’s configuration

      Note: It is CRITICAL to copy these details now, as the Secret access key cannot be retrieved later!


  6. SES configuration of SNS Topics:
    1. Go to Services > Messages > SES
    2. In the left column, click Domains
      NOTE: Your domain MUST be set up in Amazon’s “US East (N. Virginia)” zone
    3. If you DO NOT have your domain already listed, click the Verify a New Domain button
    4. Enter the domain you wish to use in the Domain field
    5. Check the box for Generate DKIM Settings
    6. Click the Verify This Domain button
    7. Copy the TXT and CNAME records displayed in the Verify an New Domain popup. These need to be added to your DNS configuration.
      The precise method for adding these records to your DNS varies between DNS providers, but in general you would go to the DNS provider for your domain (such as your domain registrar or Cloudflare) and edit the domain record. There just add a TXT record and three CNAME records and paste in the details provided by Amazon. Amazon will check periodically and as soon as they see that those records exist, they will mark your domain as Verified in SES.

    8. When your domain is listed in SES and Verified, click on the domain, to view its details
    9. Expand the Notifications section
    10. Click the Edit Configuration button
    11. In the Edit Notification Configuration popup, under SNS Topic Configuration, set up the three topics:
      • In Bounces:
        Select SNS topic you do not own
        In the edit box that appears, put: arn:aws:sns:us-east-1:174886938860:WOMP_EmailBounceHandler
      • In Complaints:
        Select SNS topic you do not own
        In the edit box that appears, put: arn:aws:sns:us-east-1:174886938860:WOMP_EmailComplaintHandler
      • In Deliveries:
        Select SNS topic you do not own
        In the edit box that appears, put: arn:aws:sns:us-east-1:174886938860:WOMP_EmailDeliveryHandler
        Note: You do not need to set the “Include original headers”
      • Under Email Feedback Forwarding, select Disabled
    12. Click the Save Config button.


  8. CRITICAL – if you have not yet done so, you must take your SES account out of sandbox mode AND make sure you have your sending limits lifted to above your anticipated send volume before you can actually use your account for mailing from Womplify. Amazon instructions for this can be found here.

  10. Set up your AWS account settings in Womplify:
    1. Sign in to your Womplify account
    2. On the left menu, click Settings > Advanced > User (if you plan to use a different AWS account for each domain, for example if you are an agency, then you can use Settings > Advanced > Project settings instead)
    3. Select email.dispatcher.SES.AWS_AccessKey and click the Edit button
    4. In the Value field, paste in the AWS Access key ID you created in Step 3, then click the Update button
    5. Select email.dispatcher.SES.AWS_SecretKey and click the Edit button
    6. In the Value field, paste in the AWS Secret access key you created in Step 3, then click the Update button
    That’s it. It should be all set and your Womplify account will now send emails through your own AWS account.

    IF AT ANY POINT, there is a problem, error or otherwise things look, behave or respond differently that you expected or is described, please document the error (take a screenshot) and contact Womplify support.