Marketing Automation Actions

Actions are the “business end” of automation triggers, they are the thing which the trigger actually does when the Event and Condition(s) are matched. The existing Actions can already be used in many ways but we will be adding many more to this list in the coming weeks.

Here are the Actions currently available in Womplify Automation Triggers:

Action Description
Ping URL This action will call a specified URL. It could be used, for example, to call another API such as to send a Telegram message.

Set Score This action will increment the Lead Score by the amount you define. The Lead Score is very powerful and widely used in sales and marketing. It is available as a Condition which can trigger further Actions.

Send Message to Lead This action will send a message, such as an Email, to the defined Lead (subscriber).

Send Message to List This action will send a message, such as an Email, to ALL subscribers on the defined List.

Add Lead Tag (+1) This action adds a Tag to the Lead profile or if the Tag already exists on this Lead then increment the Tag count by one.

Remove Lead Tag This action removes the specified tag from a Lead and decreases the Tag count by one.

Coming soon..
Subscribe (to List) Add the Lead to a specified mailing list. For example, if your Lead visits your blog and reads an article about Cats, then automatically subscribe that person to your targeted “Cat Fans” mailing list.

Verify Subscription This action just marks the subscriber to a list as verified.

Unsubscribe This action removes the Lead from the specified mailing list.

Disable Subscription Similar to Unsubscribe, however this action leaves the Lead on the mailing list, but marks it as disabled.


Even more Actions will be added soon and when these are combined with the ever growing list of Events and Conditions, you can create a vast array of automation triggers!