How to Find Influencers

Social marketing can be a challenge when nobody knows you, when there’s nobody seeing your posts and sharing or retweeting them. The solution, besides building up a large group of engaged followers, is to seek out so called influencers.

These influencers are people (or organizations) with potentially massive reach on the social networks, with tens of thousands or sometimes even hundreds of thousands of real followers, who actually take notice when they share a link. These are the people you need to connect with, to build a relationship with, so that when the time comes, you can reach out to them with your latest and greatest content, and hopefully have them share it.


To automatically find influencers, you will need:

  • An account on a supported social network – currently Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.
  • An active connection in your Womplify account for each social network you want to post on.
  • Relevant keywords defined for your project.


How to Find Influencers

Finding Influencers with Womplify is fully automated, just follow the steps below and then sit back and wait for the results to arrive.

To find Influencers:

  1. Add some relevant keywords to your project, as described here.
  2. Go to your Social > Influencers page the next day to see all your automatically discovered Influencers (see Figure 1).
    – Influencers are ranked by an Influence score which goes from 0 to 100.
    – In the left column, click the green arrow to see more details about each influencer.
  3. Follow them, Bookmark them, Share their content, Engage

Note: the influencers list is refreshed every day, so check back often for updates, and you can add or remove keywords at any time which will affect your influencers list.


Figure 1. Find Influencers & Engage.

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