How to Connect Social Network Accounts

A big focus of online marketing these days is the social networks which can provide access to potentially millions of people at little cost other than time. However, time is precious and building up your following on the social networks does take a lot of time and effort. Additionally, the purpose of building a following is to have an audience you can engage with, to share your content with and ultimately to acquire quality leads and customers. All these tasks can be done manually, but that is not an efficient method and effectiveness is lower than it could be.

Womplify provides tools designed exactly for these social marketing tasks, to allow you to grow your audience, manage your social network accounts, share content and acquire leads with as much automation as is viable (and allowed) so that you can effectively ‘punch above your weight’ no matter how large or small your organization.

The first simple step to using these powerful social tools is to connect your social network accounts to Womplify.


Figure 1. Social Media Management


To connect a social network account you will need:

  • A Womplify account – free signup here!
  • An account on either Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr (or all of them).

Note: You can connect any number of social accounts on any of the networks currently supported by Womplify and you can easily disconnect your social accounts from Womplify at any time.

How to Connect a Social Network Account

  1. On the left menu, click Settings (see Figure 2) and then click the Connected Accounts menu option.


    Figure 2. Connect Social Accounts

  2. At the bottom left of the Connected Accounts list, click the pencil button to open the Connect New Account popup.
  3. Click a button for the social network you wish to connect. A popup opens containing the Authorize page on the chosen social network (see Figure 3).


    Figure 3. Authorize Womplify.

  4. In the popup, click the Authorize button and follow the instructions they provide – you need to be logged in to your social network account to complete the authorize process.
  5. You are automatically redirected back to Womplify and your account is connected.

Your can now use Womplify to find influencers, follow and unfollow other social network users, schedule posts and reposts, and much more.

Want some help getting your account setup or with moving forward? Give us a shout!