Form Embedding Formats

Form Embeds in Womplify simply wrap around your existing forms, whether these be on your site already, or have just been created within your Womplify account. They can include tracking code and can turn the generic HTML for a form, into a neat Javascript snippet which you can place on your site and which can then be updated through your Womplify account without having to edit the code on your pages every time.

There are currently three embed formats offered in Womplify:

  • Raw HTML
  • Script
  • Existing Form Capture


Each type of embed is explained in more details below…


This type of embed, simply wraps a standard HTML form with additional HTML form fields to associate it with a specific mailing list and project, and also adds a tracking pixel to log views. If you ever modify this form, you will need to update it wherever you have placed it on your site. You can also use CSS to customize the appearance of your embedded form.


This type of embed takes your HTML form and converts it to JavaScript. The generated script contains the necessary tracking code, and potentially analytics, and once placed on your site it can be updated through your Womplify account, without having to make any changes to the code snippet itself (unless you add/remove the analytics part).

This means you can easily add additional form fields and change the layout of the form, all without ever having to update the form snippet on your site. As with the Raw HTML embed, you can also use CSS to customize the appearance of your embedded script based form.

Form Capture

The form capture embed is somewhat magical in that it captures data submitted to an existing form on your site and passes that data to your Womplify account, without interrupting the normal functioning of the form.

This can be used for example with a signup form on your SaaS startup which also adds your new users to a mailing list in Womplify, or if a visitor has to submit a form to download some software or ebook, you can add them to a list while they continue on to the download.