Email Post Throttling

Email messages on Womplify can be either scheduled for a specific date and time, or they can be defined as an autoresponder message which have no defined schedule, or they can be sent by an automation trigger.

Although autoresponder messages do not have a specific date and time defined, you can set up a throttling schedule which can be used to send emails only at certain times of the day, or days of the week. So for example you could send your autoresponder emails during peak hours, or you could prevent any sending at the weekends.

In this article you will learn how to configure an email message throttle schedule.



To configure email post throttling, you will need:


How to Configure Your Email Post Throttling

Note: throttling does NOT apply to scheduled posts which ALWAYS go out on the date and time they are scheduled for.

To define your throttle schedule:

  1. On the left menu, click Scheduler, then Scheduler Setup and then Campaign Posts (see Figure 1).


    Figure 1. Email Post Throttle.

  2. In the Day/Week Throttle table:
    – In the Hour columns and Day rows, check the box to indicate that posts are allowed or disallowed in that hour and day of week.
    – Or use the Def row to set default hourly throttle for the entire week..
  3. Click Save Changes.

Your new email post throttle settings will be applied from the next hour.

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