The Twitter module contains methods for managing Twitter activity. See also the Social module.

Using this module requires including the name “twitter” in the url, like so:[keyid]&AccessKey=[key]&[otherparams]

For more details on how to begin using the Marketing Automation API, see our Getting Started guide.

Below are all the methods currently included in the twitter module. Click on the method name to see full documentation for each.

Method Description
Connect Connect Project to a Twitter Account
Tweet Publish a Post on Twitter
GetConnectedAccount Fetch the Twitter account currently connected to Project
GetConnectedAccounts Fetch all accounts connected to Project
GetLatestInternalReplies Fetch latest replies by specified Twitter accounts
GetRelations Fetch social connections
FindUsers Find all Twitter users matching keyword
FindTweets Find Twitter posts matching keyword
Bookmark Add Twitter user to Bookmarks
Unbookmark Remove Twitter user from Bookmarks
Follow Follow a Twitter user
Unfollow Stop following a Twitter user
GetBookmarks Fetch all Twitter Bookmarks
GetFollowers Fetch all followers of specified Twitter
GetFollowing Fetch all Twitter users being followed by specified Twitter
SyncAccount Synchronize follows/following with Twitter