Tumblr Module

The Tumblr module contains methods for managing Tumblr activity. See also the Social module.

Using this module requires including the name “tumblr” in the url, like so:


For more details on how to begin using the Marketing Automation API, see our Getting Started guide.

Below are all the methods currently included in the tumblr module. Click on the method name to see full documentation for each.

ConnectConnect Project to Tumblr account
PostPublish Post on Tumblr
GetConnectedAccountFetch the Tumblr account currently connected to Project
GetConnectedAccountsFetch all accounts connected to Project
GetRelationsFetch social connections
FindPostsFind Tumblr posts matching keyword
BookmarkAdd Tumblr user to Bookmarks
UnbookmarkRemove Tumblr user from Bookmarks
FollowFollow a Tumblr user
UnfollowStop following a Tumblr user
GetBookmarksFetch all Tumblr Bookmarks
GetFollowersFetch all followers of specified Tumblr
GetFollowingFetch all Tumblr users being followed by specified Tumblr
SyncAccountSynchronize follows/following with Tumblr