Research Module

The Research module contains methods for market research, including keyword research, social metrics, domain based research and more. An array of essential methods for anyone doing SEO and Content Marketing.

Using this module requires including the name “research” in the url, like so:[keyid]&AccessKey=[key]&[otherparams]

For more details on how to begin using the Marketing Automation API, see our Getting Started guide.

Below are all the methods currently included in the research module. Click on the method name to see full documentation for each.

GetURLsGets a list of all the URLs for a user
GetURLID_ByURLGets a URLID for a given URL
GetDomainsGets a list of all the Domains for a Project
AddDomainAdds a new Domain for Research to Project
UpdateDomainTagsUpdates a Project’s Research Domain’s Tags
DeleteDomainsDeletes User’s specified SEO Domains
GetURLKeywordsGets a list of all the URLKeywords for a Project
AddURLKeywordAdds a new URLKeyword for a Project’s SEO Research
UpdateURLKeywordTagsUpdates a Project’s SEO URLKeyword’s Tags
DeleteURLKeywordsDeletes User’s specified SEO URLKeywords
GetWikipediaRelatedKeywordsFetch related keywords based on Wikipedia data
GetSEOKeywordsGets a list of all the SEO Keywords for a Project
AddSEOKeywordAdds a new SEO Keyword for a Project
UpdateSEOKeywordTagsUpdates a Project’s SEO Keyword’s Tags
DeleteSEOKeywordsDeletes User’s specified SEO Keywords