Projects Module

The Projects module contains methods relating to project specific configurations, including creating and managing Projects, retrieving project settings and more. Note that some Project settings override User settings.

Using this module requires including the name “projects” in the url, like so:[keyid]&AccessKey=[key]&[otherparams]

For more details on how to begin using the Marketing Automation API, see our Getting Started guide.

Below are all the methods currently included in the projects module. Click on the methods name to see full documentation for each.

VerifyProjectOwnershipVerify the Project owned by User
GetProjectsFetch all Projects for specified User
GetProjectFetch a specific Project
AddProjectAdd a new Project for the User
GetProjectSettingsFetch all settings for a specific Project
GetProjectSettingFetch specific setting for a Project
GetProjectSetting_ByKeyIDFetch specific setting by Key for a Project
AddProjectSettingAdd new setting to a Project
UpdateProjectSettingModify a Project setting
DeleteProjectSettingsDelete the specified settings from a Project
GetProjectKeywordsGet User defined keywords for Project
AddProjectKeywordsAdd new keywords to Project
DeleteProjectKeywordsDelete keywords from Project
SetProjectKeywordsReplace existing keywords for Project