Messages Module

The Messages module contains methods to create and manage messages of various types, including emails for sending to mailing lists.

Using this module requires including the name “messages” in the url, like so:[keyid]&AccessKey=[key]&[otherparams]

For more details on how to begin using the Marketing Automation API, see our Getting Started guide.

Below are all the methods currently included in the messages module. Click on the method name to see full documentation for each.

GetMessagesFetch all Messages for Project
GetMessagesBriefFetch brief details for all Messages in Project
GetMessageFetch a specific Message
DeleteMessagesDelete a passed list of Messages
UpdateMessageUpdate a Message
AddMessageAdd a new Message to Project
ActivateMessageSet a Message to Active status
DeactivateMessageChange Message status to Inactive
GetMessagesThrottleFetch Throttle settings for Messages
SetMessagesThrottleDefine Throttle settings for Messages
QueueAdd a Message to the queue for sending
UnQueueRemove a Message from the sending queue
GetMessageQueueFetch list of Messages currently in the sending queue
UpdateMessageQueueUpdate the queue instance for a specific Message