Top 10 Startup Stories of Week 23 – you won’t believe what happened!

The week has reached its bitter end yet again and that means it’s time for another round-up of the top startup stories on the web this week!

This week we go from Iran to Israel with a stop off in Pakistan and America, then finish the round up way down under in sunny Australia, where pretty much everything is lethal. We’ve toured the startup world again for the hottest stories this week, so check them out below…


The Top 10

1. From Digikala to Hamijoo: the Iranian startup revolution, phase two

The Guardian brings us news from a nation known more for sanctions and war these days but it apparently also has a growing number of tech startups looking to take on the world.


2. Angel investor says he’ll only invest in startups that have women as founders

To bring balance to the startup world and hopefully be more successful, Jonathan Sposato will be backing more female founders… the interweb erupts.


3. Silicon Valley’s secret: Startups in the U.S. are in long-term decline

Mashable brings news that while startup starts in the US recently have been higher, the long term view is somewhat less than rosy.


4. The 5 Steps From Startup to Unicorn

Every startup founder dreams of their scrappy upstart becoming a billion dollar “unicorn” but the reality is that for every 10,000 funded startups, only one ever actually reaches unicorn status. Increase your chances of success with these five steps!


5. How a young Pakistani startup got several local and intl. clients within a year of operation?

See how this software house in Pakistan beats the odds and becomes successful in a highly competitive field.


6. Xhunt – WordPress Theme built to create Startups

Clever tactic to get a fancy new WordPress theme financed, built and sold – a kickstarter campaign! Looks pretty good so far..


7. Hire Startup Freelancers

This actually looks pretty useful – “Search Freelancers and Contractors in Sales and Marketing, Admin Support, Writing and Translation, IT and Programming, Design and Multimedia, Finance and Management, Legal and Engineering and Manufacturing.”


8. One woman’s Journey from the corporate world to social startup

Apparently Revital Hendler made a fortune with her own startup and now spends her time helping social entrepreneurs to get started and succeed. What’s not to like about that?


9. To Clean Up Your Startup’s B.S., Bring Sales Into The Leadership Team

There’s more to the sales team than just plain old selling – they’re the ones drilling into the minds of potential customers, finding out what they need, what they don’t need, why and how they can be convinced to become paying customers and more. Bring them in from the cold or you could be leaving massive money on the table..


10. Are the deal terms that Australian VCs ask for actually ‘unfair’ to founders?

Aussie investors recently ‘open sourced’ some investment templates, in theory to lower costs for startups and increase transparency. However a storm soon erupted with claims that they are too biased in favour of the investors.. read all about it here!


Well that’s it for our round-up of this weeks hot topics for startups, check out the links and startups mentioned in the articles and have a good weekend!

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