Top 10 Startup Stories of Week 22

It’s Friday again and that means it’s time for a round-up of the top startup articles on the web this week!

We’ve turned over every rock, woken many sleeping dogs and scoured the planet from top to bottom, and these are the hottest topics we could find, so check them out…


The Top 10

1. Have You Created the World’s Best Startup Business? Here’s How to Find the Answer
The Stevie Awards blog brings us news of the new Startup of the Year awards by the International Business Awards (that’s a lot of awards) – enter your startup and see if you make the grade!

2. What is your favourite startup from the Nordics/Baltics?
This Opinion Stage poll asks the question on everyone’s lips today. Voting is now closed so head on over and see the results.

3. The big drone companies are investing millions to create a swarm of new drone startups
Drones are cool and if you’ve ever considered starting a drone biz, now is the time to dig out those old electronics kits and get serious – a new fund has been created specifically to finance drone related startups!

4. The Latest Big Cable Consolidation Will Screw Consumers and Startups
News of Charter wanting to buy Time Warner Cable and Bright House has created waves and ruffled feathers in the US, with dire predictions of the negative consequences for millions. However if you’re in the rest of the world then I guess your feathers will not be particularly ruffled.. *shrug*

5. Apple Purchases Augmented Reality Startup Metaio
What does Apple plan to do with this augmented reality technology it has just acquired by purchasing Metaio? Apparently we all want to know..

6. Apple reportedly acquires Metaio, an augmented reality startup
In fact so many of us want to know about the Apple acquisition that #6 in this weeks list is the same story from another source. Any ideas?

7. 5 Ways to Keep Mediocrity From Killing Innovation at Your Startup
Entrepreneur provides ways to keep mediocrity at bay by bringing creativity and innovation to your startup.

8. These are Rockstart Amsterdam’s 10 startups for 2015
Rockstart is a Dutch startup accelerator and their latest class of 10 has just graduated with honours. Need to book a desk or track a package? There’s now a startup for that and more so go check them out!

9. This Alaska Startup Is Making Nice Luxury Items From Stinky Seafood Byproducts
Smells fishy to me (yes I said it – I’m never one to avoid the low hanging fruit! 😉 ), but seriously this sounds really cool – recycling all that fishy waste and creating actually useful, and not at all fishy, physical products!

10. Startup Gita Alpha Series- One Day Intensive Mentoring Workshop for Startup Entrepreneurs
This one is for Indian startup folks and must have been popular since not only did it make the top 10 this week but it also already sold out.. you snooze you lose!

Well that’s it for our round-up of this weeks hot topics for startups, check out the links and startups mentioned and have a good weekend! Now where did I leave that drone…

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