The Art of Landing – capture more leads with optimized pages!

One of the most widely used and highly successful techniques used by internet marketers to increase conversion rates and sales is the optimized landing page , sometimes also known as a squeeze page.

A landing page is primarily a one page sales pitch which is designed to get site visitors (those who landed on your page) to take a certain action, usually by filling in their email address to subscribe to a mailing list or to get access to the site. They are often used by affiliate marketers but of course are equally effective for a business selling or offering their own products or services.

When building a mailing list, a well designed landing page is of fundamental importance as all your future email marketing and perhaps a substantial part of your business income depends on the size and quality of the list. That one simple page is a critical entry point to your sales funnel and so it needs to be done right.

Needless to say, standard copywriting techniques should be applied when creating a landing page, but there are some key points which are common to most such pages and should be implemented to be successful:

– There should be no exit links or distractions that might lead a visitor away from your page before subscribing.

– Create a sense of urgency . It’s an old trick but it still works wonders as people really hate to miss an opportunity or a bargain.

– The benefits of subscribing need to be clearly laid out – use the best fonts, colours, graphics, bullet points etc. to make sure visitors get the message even when they are just skimming.

– Almost goes without saying but there needs to be a ‘ call to action ‘.

– Don’t just assume the wonderful page you designed is going to work well – split test over and over to maximize conversions.

– Last but not least – you need to actually have the signup or email submit form which your call to action highlights!

There are a number of other tips and tricks you can and should try to boost conversions, for example video is popular these days and can really grab your visitors attention in a small space (above the fold) which is of course exactly what you need. But again don’t just assume that slapping a video on your squeeze page will make it better – test conversions with and without and with variations of video, text, graphics and every other aspect until it cannot be optimized any further. Another common tactic is to offer a bonus in exchange for subscribing – a free (good quality) ebook or report for example, although this is may not be suitable for all situations.

Now a landing page on its own is not much use – it helps you to build a mailing list but you still need to actually do the mailing part with that list and typically this is done through the use of an autoresponder which will send a pre-made series of follow-up emails to all your subscribers, thereby automatically building a relationship with them and ultimately generating more sales, and full marketing automation systems can take this process a big step further with triggers, personalized interactions and more.

Between carefully crafted landing pages and properly prepared autoresponders or personalized mailing systems, you will have an almost fully automated list building, lead generating, money making machine which will work for your company around the clock for as long as you want, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your business.

Have you a/b tested and optimized your landing pages? What tools do you use to help with the process?

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