5 Ways to Ensure Your Startup Doesn’t Steal Christmas

Christmas is almost here again and that means everyone will soon be away eating and drinking too much, and the last thing that anyone wants to think about then is work. If you are a startup founder though, you will likely find it much harder to step away from the business, both physically and emotionally, but the turkey won’t eat itself and the Eggnog is calling, so what can you do?

The answer is of course “PPPPP” – Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance (there’s an extra P in there sometimes as well but this is the polite version 😉 ).

Follow these 5 simple steps to a fun filled, stress free, successful Startup Christmas…

#1 Backup!

Before everything else, make sure you have a full and recent backup! Remember of course that backups are useless if they are corrupt or cannot be properly restored from, so make sure to actually check that as well.

How you actually do the backup is up to you, whether you roll your own system in-house or use a commercial backup service such as MAXFocus (formerly known as GFIMAX), as long as it actually does the job!


#2 Monitoring

Setup a monitoring system for all your servers, web sites and communications (such as email) – again you should always check that it actually works! Block access to a server briefly and make sure you get alerted appropriately.

You can use a high-end infrastructure monitoring system such as Nagios which enables monitoring of pretty much everything you could possibly imagine, or one of the many monitoring services around the web these days.


#3 Outsource

Monitoring is all well and good but if you don’t want to be dealing with alerts while tucking into the turkey, there is a way to deal with that and one which doesn’t involve forcing your equally inebriated employees to deal with them instead!

You can simply outsource the whole thing by signing up with a Managed NOC service such as Continuum who have hundreds of techs on staff 24/7 and who will immediately swing into action whenever there is a server problem.


#4 Don’t Touch!

Write a note to yourself strongly advising against touching the database after you’ve been on the Christmas booze – it may seem like a good idea at the time to start rebuilding database tables but trust me – it’s really not! It’s all fun and games until someone loses a database. Make sure to also give this advice to your Sysadmin, DBA or any other IT staff that may have DB access…

Don’t Drink and Database!


#5 Live Dangerously

Just forget it all and have fun – the interwebs will still be there tomorrow, the world will still turn and the sun will still rise in the morning, at least at time of writing this! Your startup (probably) won’t fail even if it crashes on Christmas and after all everyone else is away for the holiday as well so nobody is around to notice! YMMV. 😉

Happy Christmas to all from the soon to be drunk and stuffed with mince pies Womplify Team!

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