The Secret Formula to Dominate

If you’ve been wondering how on earth you can get your articles to succeed on when so many thousands are posted and quickly disappear into oblivion, then you are in luck because Eli Overbey just posted a great analysis of the top articles there.

You should definitely go and read the full article, but I’ve summarized the main points below in the form of a simple action plan which you can easily follow with all your articles. Success is guaranteed, almost, kinda..

So without further ado, here you go:

Step 1
Make your article title around 56 characters.

Step 2
Use these top keywords in title where appropriate: marketing, content, google.

Step 3
Make a long post as the average word count for top posts is 3300 so that’s what you should be aiming for, more or less.

Step 4
Publish your article on Moz instead of your own site as anything posted there has a much higher chance of ending up on Inbound.

Step 5
Post on Monday or worst case on Thursday. The start of the working week is where the action is at.

Step 6
Post in January – roundups of the previous year, lessons learned and future plans are common topics for posts in January and are frequently a good read. If you missed January you will have to wait until next year. You snooze you lose.. 😉

Step 7
Be an admin or moderator on – whether being a mod gets your articles more attention or whether your articles getting more attention is how you get to be a mod is the question..

Step 8
Post in these Inbound categories: seo, content, social.

Step 9
Encourage discussion as articles with comments beget upvotes.. get your friends to comment, ask questions in the article, be controversial..

Step 10
Don’t post a link to an article at all, start a discussion on Inbound itself instead.

I would add one more tip for success:

Don’t write crap! Quality articles are needed for any chance at success.

So there you have it, the secret formula to domination. Sadly this article breaks most of the rules and so it wont be going anywhere.. 😉

Have you had your articles hit to the top list on How did you do it?

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