If Your Bounce Rate is Over 30% You Need to Watch This Video!

Is your bounce rate too high? If it is over 30% then chances are you are doing something wrong, according to digital marketing evangelist for Google, Avinash Kaushik.

You might think that a high bounce rate is fine because visitors arrive on your page and get the information they were looking for and then leave straight away, but unless you are running a non-profit, how are you making any money from those hit & run visitors?

Fortunately there are a number things you can do to improve the situation greatly so all is not lost just yet – as long as you make the effort and don’t just accept the situation as it currently stands, because it won’t fix itself, that much is certain.

First of all you need to target appropriately – when you acquire traffic, whether through paid ads or some other source, you have to ensure the people arriving are actually going to see exactly what they were led to believe they would find on your site. Even the slighest deviation from that expectation will lead to visitor confusion, disappointment, frustration and even anger, and ultimately will negatively impact your bounce rates.

Besides targeting traffic acquisition appropriately, you also MUST optimize your landing pages – make sure to thoroughly test every aspect of the page with AB testing which can be done using a range of tools, including Womplify.

To further enhance the user experience and ultimately conversion rates, you need to get feedback from your users to find out exactly how they feel – have them do a simple survey to find out why they came to your site specifically? Did they successfully achieve the aim they had when arriving? If not, why not? What went wrong? All this data is then used to calculate your Task Completion Rate .

Avinash talks all about this and much more in this great interview by Stephen Woessner..

Source: Predictive ROI

How are your bounce rates? What have you done to improve them?

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