Good Copywriting Means That…

When creating your landing pages or any page on your site which needs to ‘sell’, it is critical to ensure that you explain the benefits rather than just the features – people are selfish and really only want to know what your product or service can do for them.

Nobody really cares about your product, no matter how much you want to believe it, only you care that much! They only care about the BENEFITS – so important it’s worth saying twice and then another five times! 😉

Now it’s easy to say “tell them about the benefits” but is it easy to actually do that? Sometimes you may find it hard to change your point of view away from describe all the wonderful features you worked on for so long and so that makes it harder to tease out the benefits, but a good copywriter will figure it out and you can too.

One simple method to do it is to imagine you describe your product to a potential customer and that person responds with ” so what? ” – now you have to explain what that means and the customer then again says “so what?” and so you again explain further what that means and you keep working through this cycle of explaining what it all means, each benefit it provides, until you have a nice list which pretty much covers it all.

Once you have your list you simply pick the best ones and use them in your copy.

Of course by just picking what you think are the best ones, you won’t necessarily actually get the best ones so you must test that – do thorough A/B testing of all the benefits and see what people actually do respond to in your landing pages and then you don’t have to rely on guessing.

Watch this video below to see this great copywriting method explained in full..

Source: Belinda Weaver

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