Follow Bookmarks

One of the best ways to get more (relevant!) Twitter followers is to “follow the followers” – in other words you follow all the people that follow someone relevant to your industry, an influencer or competitor for example. Chances are these people will be acquiring new followers every day and these will be currently active Twitter users with a high probability of following back if you follow them quickly so you should go back every day and follow all their new followers.

Now if you have just one or two such influencers whose followers you want to follow, it’s easy enough to remember their Twitter name but when you have more of them it becomes harder to remember and you don’t want to be wasting valuable time searching for them each time you want to do some following. This is where the Womplify Bookmarks feature comes in – now once you find someone relevant and influential to your industry you can just click the little Bookmark icon and they are added to the list which you can then find in the Social section on Womplify.

In this Bookmarks tab you can see at a glance all the important profile data about each one and you can start following their followers in turn with just a click so when you return each day to follow the latest followers you waste no time in finding all these people.

While this new feature is currently just for Twitter, we do plan to add support for other social networks as well so using Womplify it will be easy for you to build out your social networks and extend your reach.

Hopefully you find this new feature useful for your digital marketing automation tasks, but stay tuned – there’s lots more on the way!

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