Marketing Automation – what it is and why you need it!

You’ve probably heard about marketing automation and perhaps you have also heard it said that every business online should be automating their marketing activities these days in order to stay competitive, but what does it all mean? Is it really something your business needs? Can you afford not to use it now? I’ll cover it […]

How and Why to Start a Business Blog

At its most fundamental level, a blog (which comes from “web log”) is just a simple website in the form of an online diary with articles typically arranged by post date, although the specific format varies depending on your own requirements. Blogs are used by countless millions of people but are also very useful, perhaps […]

Getting Started with Womplify

You’re probably wondering “What is Womplify and what can it do for me?”, right? Well in a nutshell, Womplify is all about automating your marketing and amplifying your reach. The name “Womplify” actually comes from Word of Mouth Amplify. Womplify exists to streamline and automate many of the processes involved with building and managing your […]

Niche Marketing for Startups

The art of finding and exploiting a niche business idea or market, so called niche marketing, is an excellent way to build a successful business venture, both online and of course even in more traditional offline format. So called “internet marketers” frequently build up their entire business based on this targeting of a specific niche […]

Customer Experience Management

Of immeasurable importance to any business is the overall customer experience – if your customers or clients are in any way unhappy or dissatisfied with your service or products they will not ever come back for more and they certainly wont recommend your company to their friends so you will lose out on extremely valuable […]

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