Marketing Automation – what it is and why you need it!

You’ve probably heard about marketing automation and perhaps you have also heard it said that every business online should be automating their marketing activities these days in order to stay competitive, but what does it all mean? Is it really something your business needs? Can you afford not to use it now? I’ll cover it […]

27 Forms of Content to Share

It’s not easy to create good content, and it’s even harder to create content that gets shared, but it is certainly possible if you focus on the right things and put some elbow grease into it. Creating content that is more likely to get shared, is obviously a better use of your precious time and […]

How and Why to Start a Business Blog

At its most fundamental level, a blog (which comes from “web log”) is just a simple website in the form of an online diary with articles typically arranged by post date, although the specific format varies depending on your own requirements. Blogs are used by countless millions of people but are also very useful, perhaps […]

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