6 Ways to Quickly Boost Your Twitter Followers

1. Search the Profiles

This is very simple – just use the search function on Womplify (or even on Twitter itself) to search for users by keyword. You will be presented with a list of matches, complete with various statistics and profile data for each one. This data is very useful as you don’t want to just follow everything returned by the search – you need to maximize the effectiveness by following people who are not only matching the keyword, but also recently active and more likely to follow back!


Fortunately this is clearly shown by Womplify by showing a spinning wheel if that user has a high follow back ratio, and a green leaf if they have posted recently – the greener the leaf, the fresher the post! You can also see what was their last tweet and whether or not they follow you already. So now it is a quick job to just *click click* through the list to follow all those worth following.

Any that you’ve already followed will instead show an Unfollow button (star) and any that you previously unfollowed will be indicated when you mouseover the Follow button – you can still follow them again of course, it is just an indicator.

2. Follow the Talkers

This time, instead of searching directly for users by keyword, you search for matching tweets. This way you see all the people talking about what matters to you and you can quickly follow them all. Not only can you follow them of course but you can also engage them by replying to their tweets so you get a two for one action – two chances to attract their attention and get a follow back!


3. Follow the Followers

This is a great method and super simple to do – just search for users as in method #1 (or search for a specific user by name if you already know it) and then, if using Womplify, click the binoculars button on the right – this will drill down and show you all their latest followers and you can then quickly follow them all.

So in other words you find people in your field, competitors for example or influencers, and you follow the people that follow them since it is generally safe to say that their followers will be the type of people you want following your account as well. Also if they are influencers or already successful you can expect them to be acquiring many new followers every day so you can just come back each day and ‘steal’ their new followers.


4. Attract Followers by Content Creation and Scheduling

Besides the above methods which involve actively seeking out relevant people to follow, another highly effective method is to create great content, which attracts and engages prospects organically, and share it. People are constantly seeking quality content to curate and share with their followers on various social networks, as well as for their own use and interests. If you produce it, people will find it one way or another, particularly if you actively reach out to influencers, and when many are using automation tools specifically to find such content, so there is a high probability of them then following you and engaging.

Once created, you need to share it as mentioned above. Sharing on the social networks usually means scheduling it for publishing at a certain time. But publishing once is a waste as such posts can be gone in the blink of an eye when so much other content is being shared every day. So reposting is essential to maximize chances that it will be noticed.

Using Womplify you can easily schedule your posts and have them automatically reposted as many times as you want, even with slightly different versions each time!


5. Attract Followers by Curating Filler Content

Besides just creating great content of your own, which is hard work and very time consuming, you can also curate content produced by other people and share that with your followers. The Content Curation feature in Womplify will provide you with a steady stream of quality articles from your selected RSS feeds, as well as relevant social posts and more, which you can then share with a click of a button, so your Twitter feed will never be left empty and your existing followers will be getting plenty of great content to consume.


A quick tip though – don’t just retweet the exact same thing as everyone else – make it your own, modify it a bit, add some hashtags, a brief comment prefix/suffix, etc. so your version will stand out from the crowd and attract new followers and the attention of those that produced the original content.

Womplify allows you to do all this and even use spintax to rotate some keywords/hashtags so it will be a bit different each time it is reposted – and the reposting itself can be done automatically at varying intervals just by adding it to your content library!

6. Follow the Industry Influencers

This is using a built-in feature of Womplify which automatically finds influential people in your industry and ranks them according to their influence. Once you have configured your account and defined your Project keywords, the system will start looking for those influencers and will add them to the list whenever it finds anything. You can then simply go through the list and follow them all, and begin to engage with them.

You can view your personalized list by going to Social > Influencers in your Womplify account.

Unfollow the Unfollowers

When you implement all the above methods, which can all be done quickly and efficiently using Womplify, you will soon hit the wall Twitter imposes and you won’t be able to follow any more. That wall is when you follow 2000 – once you reach that they will clamp down and enforce follow ratios which means you can only follow 10% more than follow you. Clearly this presents a problem when the primary tactic for acquiring new followers for your own account is following loads of other accounts!

Fortunately the solution to this is simple enough – just unfollow those that don’t follow you after a certain period. The time you should wait before unfollowing is up to you and before you hit that first 2k limit, you can wait much longer to allow more time for them to follow you back. But eventually you will have to start being more ruthless and unfollowing sooner and sooner, some say even as little as 2 days after following.

If you plan to be following new people consistently every day, this will become an issue quickly and you will be forced to unfollow sooner, rather than later. Otherwise you would have to pause your following activities to allow extra time for them to follow you back – this is fine too and is entirely up to you. You will have to strike the right balance for your requirements or goals – the faster you want to grow your follower counts, the more ruthless you will have to be with unfollowing.

It is also worth considering that while you are using these tactics for building your followers, there’s a good chance other people are using similar tactics when they follow you so if you don’t follow them back quick enough they will unfollow you and move on to greener pastures. That’s a waste of a possibly good lead so make sure to also check your followers for those that you don’t follow yet and follow those which look relevant – fortunately Womplify has a function for that too!

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