Use Cases for Travel Bloggers

As a travel blogger, you’re on the road a lot, often far from a decent internet connection and living the life you always dreamed of. Unfortunately that life needs funding to keep it going, and so you’re blogging about your travels, inspiring others to follow in your footsteps and in the process you are trying to earn some money from your blog.

However, the aforementioned patchy internet on the Annapurna circuit or that secret party island in south east Asia, means you need to automate as much as possible so that your business can keep on running without you – marketing automation is your new best travel friend!

Of course you’d rather be out trekking or chilling on the beach, rather than learning some fancy new marketing tool, so we’ve put together a few marketing automation use cases for travel bloggers to get you up and running and back on the trail in no time.

Just browse the use cases listed below and when you see one that does what you’d like to do, simply follow the simple step by step instructions to implement in your Womplify account. If you don’t yet see what you’re looking for, then let us know and we’ll create one for you!