Use Case: Startup Pre-launch Page

These days pretty much every new Startup on the web begins their marketing with the ubiquitous pre-launch landing page. This simple page often contains very little content (although there are ‘long form’ variations), besides a subscribe form for visitors or prospects to submit their email address in exchange for early access or to be informed when the product is ready to try.

Of course by submitting an email address, the visitor is added to a mailing list and thus becomes a lead – a potential customer. Not having an actual product for this new lead to use yet is somewhat of a drawback though, so it is important to engage the lead and maintain their interest in your ‘coming soon’ product.

In this use case, you will see how to setup a landing page to collect leads and automatically engage them…

Level: Easy

  1. Create a pre-launch mailing list.
    You can create multiple mailing lists in your Womplify account and move leads between them. In this use case you just need one list for your pre-launch leads or subscribers. For instructions, see How to Create a Mailing List.
  2. Create messages to send to the list.
    Once you have your mailing list created, you must create some messages (emails) for sending to your subscribers. Learn how to Create a New Email Message.
  3. Add messages to an auto-responder sequence.
    Aint nobody got time for manually sending emails to a list and that’s why automation exists. Simply create a well crafted series of email messages and then add them to an auto-responder sequence. This will then send each new subscriber, every email in the queue in the right order and at pre-defined intervals, such as once per week. No more worrying about who saw what email or when they last had one. Learn how to Create an Autoresponder Sequence.
  4. Create a subscribe form.
    Next step is to create the actual subscribe form which will collect the email addresses of your precious prospects, and then generate the form embed code. You can add whatever additional fields you want to the form and design it to suit your requirements. For instructions, see How to Create a Subscribe Form.
  5. Create an actual page on your site.
    This one is on you – create a web page on your own site, using whatever tools or CMS you normally use, such as WordPress, or ask your designer to whip one up. All you need is a simple page with, for example, your logo, some teaser text, a call to action and some space to embed the subscribe form (see Figure 1).

    Figure 1. Example Pre-Launch Landing Page.

    Figure 1. Example Pre-Launch Landing Page.

  6. Add form embed to your page.
    Now that you have your page created, simply paste in the form embed code, generated in step 4.
  7. Add a web tracker to your page.
    While your form does track views, you will probably want to collect more detailed data for future analytics and automation purposes. To do that, simply generate your Web Tracker code and paste into your page.
  8. Promote and send traffic to your page.
    Your Pre-Launch landing page is ready for action. Now you need to promote it – the obvious places to start are by submitting to launch sites such as Betalist and Erlibird which can send you hundreds, or even thousands of prospects.


Now your pre-launch page is busy collecting leads from the traffic you send there. It is automatically engaging with those leads, building a relationship with them, providing value and maintaining their interest. Eventually, when your product is ready for them to try, you let them know. Send out an email to all your leads, who by now are eager to try your amazing product, and watch the signups roll in!