Use Case: Send Holiday Messages


Everybody likes the holidays, and it’s always a good idea to send holiday greetings to your leads and subscribers, but will you remember to do that at the time? It’s easy to forget when you’re busy with a million other things, so the solution is to schedule your holiday messages in advance so you can ‘set and forget’ them.

In this use case you will learn how to:

  • Create a Message
  • Schedule for Specific Date
  • Resend Yearly Automatically


Level: Very Easy

  1. Check a Calendar
    First have a look at a calendar or search on Google for lists of holidays around the world that you would like to target. Make a note of the date and any useful information about each holiday.
  2. Create Messages
    Now you need to create an email message for sending on each holiday. Obviously the content of the message should fit the holiday you are targeting and to allow for reuse, make sure not to specify the year in the message.
  3. Schedule the Messages
    Now just add the messages to whichever mailing lists you would like to send them to, and then schedule them for the appropriate dates. Note that when scheduling, you can choose to send the specific message, once only or you can have it repeat every year which saves you having to remember all those holidays each time – just be careful when setting a message to repeat, that the holiday in question does actually fall on the same date each year.