Use Case: Trigger Lead Score Increment on Click

Lead scoring is a major component in sales and marketing, and of course incrementing (or decrementing) the lead score, based on an array of factors, is a task well suited for automation tools.

In this use case you will learn how to:

  • Create a Trigger
  • Detect Lead Activity
  • Detect Lead Location
  • Increment Lead Score


Level: Easy

  1. Create a Trigger
    First step in this use case is to create the trigger. So, in the new trigger popup:

    • Define the Triggering Event – Something Clicked
      In the WHEN section, select Lead Activity: Tracker Clicked and give the trigger a name such as Increment on Click, and a Description.
    • Define Condition – Country Check
      The IF condition simply checks if the Lead is from the US or UK. To do that, select MetaData: MetaData Country Check and then select United States and United Kingdom. You can of course add more or different countries if you prefer, or even additional Conditions.
    • Define Action – Increment Score
      The last part of a Trigger is the Action, and as with Conditions, there can be multiple Actions. The only Action in this use case is to increment the score. Just select Lead Data: Change Lead Score and then set it to = 1.
  2. Activate Trigger
    When you are happy with your trigger definition, you can activate it by checking the Active box at the top right corner of the EVENT section in the New Trigger popup.