Use Case: Send Followup Messages When Meeting Booked via ScheduleOnce

When your leads or prospects have booked a call or a meeting with you via ScheduleOnce, and you have already implemented the track & tag trigger in this use case, then that lead is identified and tagged in Womplify. But what next? Well in this use case you will create a new automation trigger that will take your newly tagged leads and send them a followup email, or add them to a drip campaign, or both!

Essentially what this campaign does, is create automated follow-up emails which are sent to people after they book a meeting with you.

In this use case, you will learn how to:

  • Check for a specific Tag
  • Check if the lead is a verified contact
  • Send a custom Email or Sequence
  • Add Tag to lead


Level: Easy

This use case requires just one trigger to be created. This trigger will check for two tags, one that exists and one that doesn’t exist yet. If a match is found then an email (or series of emails) will be sent and a new tag will be applied to the lead profile.

  1. Define Triggering Event
    In the WHEN section, select Lead Data: Tag Added and give the trigger a name such as Booked Sales Call Follow-up, and a Description.
  2. Define Trigger Conditions
    The IF condition, checks that the tag Booked:SalesCall exists with a count of 1 or more. It also checks that the tag Booked:SalesCall:FollowupSent has a count of less than 1 which basically means that this trigger wasn’t run on this lead before. Finally, it checks if the lead is a verified contact on your list, or in other words that you have their email address…

    • Select Lead: Lead Tag’s Count Check, enter the tag Booked:SalesCall and the Comparison is >= 1.
    • Select Lead: Lead Tag’s Count Check, enter the tag Booked:SalesCall:FollowupSent and the Comparison is < 1.
    • Select Lead: Lead’s Subscription State Check, select the relevant List from the dropdown, and then select Verified from the States list.


  3. Define Trigger Actions
    Now define the actions to take if the conditions are matched. In this example we will send an email and then add a tag to indicate that this trigger ran and the email was sent to this lead.

    • Select Lead Comm: Send Message to Lead, select a Message to send, enter a sender name and email address and reply-to email address.
    • Select Lead: Manage Lead’s List Subscription, if you also (or instead) want to add this lead to a specific mailing list for a followup email series.
    • Select Lead Data: Add Lead Tags, then in the Tags box which appears, just type Booked:SalesCall:FollowupSent and then press Enter.

    Click the Create button to save and activate your new Trigger.

Now when a meeting of the specified type is booked through your ScheduleOnce booking form, your lead will automatically get an email. Adding to a new list/segment also results in the lead being sent a targeted series of emails. You can (and should) of course modify all the tag names, conditions and actions to suit your own specific requirements.