Use Case: Trigger Custom Offer to Close the Deal


Marketing automation magic happens when you start implementing Triggers which perform custom actions based on data about specific leads. There’s no end to the possibilities with trigger based automation, but in this use case we show you how you can detect that a lead has visited a page (such as your product pricing page) more than a specified number of times, and then send that person an email with a special offer to encourage a buy, but only if that offer was not previously sent to that person.

In this use case, you will learn how to:

  • Create a Trigger
  • Detect lead views on specific page
  • Send targeted offer to lead
  • Add tag to lead
  • Profit!


Level: Easyish

  1. Create an Offer Email
    Since the purpose of this Trigger is to send an offer by email, a good place to start is by creating the email message.
  2. Create a Trigger
    Now that you have your email message created, it’s time to create the trigger which will send it, if the conditions match. So, in the new trigger popup:

    • Define the Triggering Event
      In the WHEN section, select Lead Activity: Page Viewed and give the trigger a name such as Offer1, and a Description.
    • Define Condition1 – Tag Check
      The first IF condition checks that this triggered email wasn’t already sent to the lead in question. It does this by checking for the existence of a lead tag which you define, such as offer1sent. To do that, select Lead Tag’s Count and set it to offer1sent = 0.
    • Define Condition2 – Lead Log Check
      This second condition checks the history log for the Lead activity. Within this condition, there can be multiple Rules. IN this case we create three with AND:

      1. Event Type – in – Page Viewed
      2. Event Age – less than – 1 week
      3. Field – View.URL – Contains – /pricing


      Finally for this Lead Log Check condition, we specify the Comparison Type is Count > 2. This means the /pricing page was viewed by this lead more than two times in the last week.

    • Define Action1 – Send Offer Email
      The last part of a Trigger is the Action, and as with Conditions, there can be multiple Actions. The first Action in this case is to send the “special offer” email which we created in step 1. In the drop-down list, select Lead Comm: Send Message to Lead, then select the appropriate Email from the Message list and enter suitable sender details.
    • Define Action2 – Add Tag to Lead
      Now to ensure this lead doesn’t get sent the same offer email next time around, we add the “offer1sent” tag which is checked for in the first condition above. Simply select Add Lead Tags and then in Tags box, type in offer1sent and press Enter.
  3. Activate Trigger
    When you are happy with your trigger definition, you can activate it by checking the Active box at the top right corner of the EVENT section in the New Trigger popup.

No doubt by now you can see just how flexible and powerful this system is – when you can chain multiple conditions and rules and actions for a huge long list of events, you can automate all sorts of cool things for your business!