Use Case: Capture the Contact

use-case-capture1Pretty much every business related site needs to provide a way for people to contact them, and of course it is critical to follow up with any new contact submitted. A commonly used method for doing just that is a simple contact form.

What happens when someone fills in and submits a contact form, is where things can get interesting. A basic form may just send the contact details by email, directly to the site owner, or it may store those contact details in a database and alert the owner that they have a new message, it may even add them to a CRM such as Salesforce, or maybe it does something else. Either way, there is an opportunity here to acquire a new lead and build a relationship.

In this use case, you will learn how to:

  • Capture contact form leads invisibly
  • Automatically engage with them


Level: Easy

Note: this use case assumes you already have a working contact form on your site, which is currently independent of Womplify.

  1. Create mailing list
    First of all you need a mailing list to add your leads to, when they use the contact form.
  2. Create form capture embed
    Next up, create a form embed. In this case though, the type of embed you need is the Existing Form Capture embed which, as its name implies, captures submissions on existing forms.
  3. Create auto-responder sequence
    Create a bunch of email messages and add them to the mailing list you created in step 1, and assign them to a sequence.
  4. Add a web tracker to your site
    While the form capturing embed does track views, you will probably want to collect more data for future analytics and automation purposes.

That’s all there is to it. Your existing form will still function exactly like it always did, while in the background, the capture embed code will send all the submitted data to your mailing list in Womplify. All new leads will then start getting the sequence of emails you have prepared, while existing leads will continue with the sequence as normal.