About Us

Our story:

Womplify is here for Startups, SMB’s and Freelancers that need and want to automate, integrate and amplify all their digital marketing activities.

Womplify started from our own need, to manage ALL the tools we were using to do our marketing in the past. Many dozens of tools in fact. Each doing something very specific… sometimes extremely well, but always very limited.

Eventually we did like 40% of businesses who give up and decide to develop their own in-house automation tools to deal with that headache, despite the compromised resources and focus.

Only we didn’t stop there. We realized that we are not the only frustrated ones out there.. And so, we set out on a journey – To make ALL Marketers happy!

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Our mission:

We want you to be effective. We want you to stop being frustrated. And we will stop at nothing to make sure of that.

‘Cause marketers, just like salespeople, deserve to be happy!

Maybe you didn’t notice it, but while you were using a couple of solutions for emailing your leads and clients, a couple of tools for SEO, backlinks, on-page optimization and competitors analysis, a couple more for social media monitoring, post scheduling and networking, a couple of tools for keyword and content research, curation and authoring, a few more tools for split testing, optimization and behavioral analysis, and the list is still very long… while you do all that, salespeople get a cup of coffee, log into something like Salesforce and.. that’s it. “What did I do wrong” you ask? Nothing. It is not your fault.

We want you to be more effective and waste less time.

Does it make sense to use dozens of disparate, disconnected tools? Does it make sense that the intelligence generated in one tool is not utilized in any other related activity in another? Does it make sense that you have to be a cog in the machine to automate your marketing activity? Did you even stop and think how much time you are losing juggling these separate systems? Did you think about how much more effective it would be if there was one system that did it all for you? That gathered and redistributed the collected intelligence among all your favorite tools and processes? Well… we did.

We want you to stop thinking you can’t.

If it is because you got used to it, or because the tools you use tell you you can’t, marketing is often limited by what we were used to be able to do, or were told we can.

That has to stop. We should all be limited by what we want to do, and what we can think of doing. So, we created a system that lets you tell it what it should do, instead of telling you what you can and cannot do.